About Us

Although our company may seem like it’s Manufactured and produced in LA, Yoffinity cosmetics has a giant background that originated from multiple different areas of the medical field. Our workers are not only researchers but are also professionally trained specialists earners that range in the medical field from Cosmetologist to Dermatologists professionals. The main reason Yoffinity established was so that consumers can have a trustworthy and smooth to use products to apply to there skin so that it can both Heal their conditions and make them look great.

Different methods used like alternative chromatography and ELISA type analytic biochemistry make Yoffinity unique in a way that it can provide consumers with the best possible result. With standardized tests and research were done on our products, we try to give our customers the healthiest and natural choices ever made from CBD.

Our Story

Chemist and researcher Dr. Trofi have gone through a lot throughout his life to get the product you want.

His story started in the ’70s when his family was assigned as a missioner to explore the medical needs in equatorial Africa, otherwise known as Guinea. His family’s mission was to gather as much information as he possibly could and support the many people that suffer from different diseases throughout Guinea. 

As a young boy, Dr. Trofi was always fond of what his father did as a professional medical dermatologist. Looking through his point of view, he tried his best to support and understand everything his father did as a professional. One day, his father was sent on a specific quest to go through the savanna desert to visit a tribe to collect immunization data. Midway through the trip, the car initially thought out to get to the destination broke down, leading to the missioners to, unfortunately, travel on foot.

Throughout the quest on foot, many of the missioners suffered from different bug bites and sunburns that resulted in painful and severe skin issues. Although the pain was not permanent, these skin conditions would still leave scabs and other scars that would need healing later. Once the missioners reached the tribe, they were met with very unique and useful news. The tribe noticed the skin conditions and recommended there all time favorite handmade green palm cream to help heal the conditions. Luckily, the cream worked, and the missioners were astonished.

They believed that this was the next step towards solving skin conditions. Years later, Dr. T. has been undergoing different universal studies towards skin conditions and trying his best to figure out the most suitable alternative to skin conditioning cream. Through his research, Dr. Trofi found out that his father’s study of the tribe’s cream used in the healing process of their skin conditions was healed through the use of healing oils and plants, but also had a little touch of CBD. Utterly reliant on fate, Dr. Trofi decided to travel back to the primitive tribe in Africa to pick up where they left off. Coming back to America, he decided to create the best possible solution to treat skin conditions by mixing both his knowledge of CBD and their knowledge of healing cream. Through the tribes’ expertise and Dr. Trofi’s studies, he was able to create the most suitable cream to patients of this generation, Yoffinity CBD Complex.

Have you ever asked yourself ”How does an infant’s skin grow so fast without breaking”?

Or, why do people develop wrinkles?

Or, how do skin cells repair damaged skin”?

If you have, then you’ve touched on the subject of CBD Yoffinity Complex.